The full result for Roscrea can now be viewed in the 2019 results section congratulations to D Coyle & Son of Coleraine Premier on winning todays race

1st Payments

would all clubs please ensure that your 1st 4 week payment is sent with the transporter this week as Gowran Park is your 4th race any clubs failing to do so will NOT have their birds collected the following week also would all secretaries please use the correct envelopes for sending results etc to the office as information can be lost with it arriving in the wrong type of envelope .

Pigeon Line

The service of pigeon line is NO longer available anyone with no other means of finding out liberation times should organise some means of receiving this information within their clubs

This weekends race

The NIPA will racemark as normal on Friday for a possible release on Saturday in ROSCREA the committee have decided to move the racepoint from Gowran Park due to the very high possibility of high numbers of birds crossing Dublin Airport with the wind direction and speed forecasted for Saturday , the safety aspect of this is paramount and this will safeguard Gowran Park as a liberation site for us to use hoping this meets with your understanding in this decision being taken

Mullingar Old Bird

the full result can now be viewed in the 2019 open and section results you will have to click on download to view the result as there has been an upgrade installed on the site , congratulations to Coyle Bros of Maiden City on winning todays open

Information on race marking.

At a meeting of the management committee held on 2nd April it was decided that due to the number of cases of sickness being reported at present, members will be permitted to have their own crates for the first four old bird races.

Fred Russell