This weeks race

The NIPA have decided to race mark tomorrow Thursday for possible releases in your designated release sites forecast for Friday is good , a light east southeast wind high broken cloud with lots of sunshine.

Sect H Tullamore

The result for Sect H Tullamore can now be viewed in the results section congratulations to J Ramsey & Son of Derry & Dist on taking the 1st 3 positions in the Section H race

Sect F Mullingar

The result for Section F from Mullingar can now be viewed in the results section congratulations to C Healy of Killyleagh Central on taking the 1st 2  positions in the Sect F Race

2nd Liberations

Section F have been liberated in Mullingar at 8.30

Section H have been liberated in TULLAMORE at 8.45

Top Half will be liberated in Tullamore at 9.15

Bottom half will be liberated in Roscrea at 9.30

Drug Testing/ Procedure checking

Any members wishing to be trained to carry out drug testing please attend the NIPA office on Tues 30th July at 7 pm where RPRA officials will be available for training , also any member wishing to be appointed as an approved official to call on clubs to ensure race marking / clock checking procedures are being carried out correctly please also attend .If you are interested in either or both please let the office know that you will be attending thank you .