Secretary`s Report 19/20

Secretary`s Report 2019/2020 The 2019 season is over and we look forward to 2020 Last season proved to be a very difficult year for racing pigeons especially young birds. The old bird season proved to be challenging at times weather conditions were not very helpful and some races proved to be more difficult than others The young bird season right from the very start of racing proved to be a disaster for the Nipa financially. Thousands of pigeons lost before racing commenced, Sickness seems to be everywhere and many different strains of it, Members not racing young birds all adding up to poor entries. It is not viable for seven transporters and all their relevant costs to collect 14/16 THOUSAND PIGEONS. Five transporters with a capacity of holding 25 thousand pigeons would be enough unfortunately under the present structure this would be impossible to do. I have had discussions with the transport manager and we believe it is possible to collect all club`s pigeons with six transporters it will have an effect on some club`s collection times some more than others. If this can be achieved with the minimal of disruption we could save around £10,000 plus on expenses. The transport manager is presently looking at options available to us so that we can plan for the future, he will report to the committee in due course I would like to take this opportunity to thank Paul and his drivers for the excellent work carried out on our behalf during the season and I would also like it to be put to bed that there is no truth in the rumours that are being spread about that the birds being released early to suit the drivers, total nonsense. Drivers have to stay within the restrictive laws that governs their ability to drive, they must take their breaks they cannot leave the release site as soon as the birds are released. They return to the Nipa office around Five to Six pm on release day in Ireland sometimes later. Pigeon racing is changing at an alarming rate. Not always for the good we are losing members’ and club`s in ever increasing number`s and this will continue, prices being paid for pigeon`s are mind blowing, the sport is now an expensive one and there seems to be no end to it. I remember paying £5.00 for a young Krauth hen from my very good friend the late Jimmy Quinn of Dundrum which bred me winners galore from Arklow To Rennes and I will remember her always. Those day`s will never return and I honestly believe the fanciers of my generation not knowing at the time experienced the best of what our sport has to offer. During the year the Nipa lost a past President OWEN DONNELLY of Larne. Owen served our sport well a true gentleman and our organisation and the members of Larne are much poorer for his passing. To his wife Nancy and family we all send our sincere condolences. Our chairman Ken has struggled with poor health all season, this has not affected his enthusiasm for the Sport, he still works tirelessly for our Organisation and all its members, His health is stable and he is in good form. I was speaking to him this morning and he wishes you all a happy New Year and enjoy a wonderful season in 2020 Your committee has to be thanked for the immense work carried out on your behalf during the season. They will have to tackle some difficult decisions as we go forward and I am sure they will appreciate any constructive advice given to them. I personally would like to thank them all for their assistance given to me it is very much appreciated. Also to the club secretaries treasures and members without your assistance and cooperation the Nipa would not be the organisation it is in today. There is one thing every club must do immediately Lodge their intent with the Rpra Ceo Mr Ian Evans by sending an e mail to him stating your club name and ir number confirming your interest in using the New Rpra result programme. If the Nipa confirms it will be using this method to produce open and section results in 2020 and you are not registered your club will not be able to take part in the result. The Nipa is still examining the programme, but you must register now if you have any problems or do not understand what is going on please do not hesitate to contact me. The Nipa was formed in 1945 before many of us were born and not to many original members are still with us. The Nipa will be 75 years old in 2020. Over the years the Nipa has gone from strength to strength sadly like many organisations in our sport the numbers are in decline, we will never reach the heights of 35.000 pigeons being released each week, but we have achieved a lot over the years opening up our Organisation to all parts of Northern Ireland and to members in Monaghan and Donegal a truly inclusive organisation, Members can be old and young, Male and Female, Different Nationalities and religions as long as you have the interest of a truly magnificent, intelligent and beautiful Bird at heart we will all be true friends for life. Next year 2020 which will have arrived when you are reading this report the Nipa will be 75 years old and we would like assistance from everyone to make it a year to remember. We would like you all to assist in obtaining sponsorship for races and yes we have already received promises of new sponsorship it cannot be all left to a few . If you have any suggestions in organising events they will be most welcome and if you wish to volunteer your assistance it will be very much appreciated At the time of preparing this report I have not received confirmation from the committee regarding resolutions etc as soon as I have them I will include them in my report I do have a set of your accounts for 2020 and they do look quite good after such a difficult year. This would not be the case if the committee had not done such an excellent job in putting measures in place to balance the books I will start with the General Account which thanks to keeping the expense side down to a minimum we had a surplus of £6508.65 You will see a sharp decline in pools and prize money due to less birds being entered in all National ,Classic races something you will require to look at for season 2020 All outstanding cheques for prize money in 2017 have now been written of totalling £1357.91. 1918 cheques and 1919 cheques will still be honoured but remember your rule after 12 months and they have not been cashed they will be deleted If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me The Transport account again in good shape with a surplus of £11919.38 Very little money has been spent this year on repairs to crates I am told there is a mountain of them requiring repair before the next season. The cost could exceed £500 Pigeon line is now no longer with us in the past it served us well Again any queries please feel free to contact me The BALANCE SHEET is self explanatory your Capital account the amount your organisation is worth on paper is £633765.54 The Balance sheet shows your organisation is still very strong and in good shape, your transport manager may spend up to £100000.00 plus in 2020 thankfully you can afford it We have lost three club`s as we go forward into 2020 that simply means a substantial loss in revenue add on the number of member`s leaving the sport I would estimate a decrease of around 8 to 10 Thousand pounds wiping out what we would hope to save in the removal of one lorry from our fleet The committee have met and discussed all the varied suggested race programmes submitted to them in their opinion none of them would receive a majority vote and have decided the Old Bird Race Programme for 2020 will be the same as 2019. The release point at Bude is no longer fit for releasing our pigeons and we are looking for a replacement The committee at the moment have adopted two resolutions for the Agm more may follow A resolution from Ligoniel to allow all club`s and their members to purchase their own crates for the first 4 OLD BIRD RACES, I believe this procedure was permitted in 2019 The rule governing young bird racing remains the same A resolution from the committee to delete GENERAL Rule 3b and replace with a new rule 3b All Sections would be guaranteed two committee members no matter how many members are in their section up to 100 members. Any section with over 100members would be guaranteed one additional committee member for every full 50 members i.e. 150 members 3 committee members 200 members 4 committee members. This is simply to reflect on the decrease in membership in all sections and will keep the representation fair for all PS Your committee are still considering your young bird programme and it will be announced in plenty of time This just leaves me to thank our outgoing President Mr S Briggs for all of his assistance over the past two years and welcome our new President Mr David Mawhinney and hope he enjoys his experience over the next two years In ending my report I wish you all a most enjoyable season in 2020