Directive from the R.P.R.A.


As a result of the ongoing Covid 19 restriction and the timescales
associated with racing the following rules have been relaxed:

Rules 221 & 225 – Three way testing. For 2021 only 1 signature will be

Rules 235a – for 2021 Electronic rings must be allocated to the ring
number of the members pigeon a minimum of 1 days prior to the use of the
ETS instead of 7 days in advance of use.

Obituary Ken Wilkinson

It is with deep regret that I have to inform you of the death of Ken Wilkinson the chairman of the N.I.P.A. Ken has passed away after a long period of illness.

On behalf of the officials, committee and members of the N.I.P.A. I extend our deepest sympathy to his wife Eileen and his family.

Ken will be sadly missed by all.

Fred Russell Secretary N.I.P.A.

Obituary Sammy Thompson

It is with deep sadness that I in form you of the death of Sammy Thompson who passed away today after a short illness, a short time after the death of his wife Edith.

Sammy was the current N.I.P.A. Patron and a life vice president.

Sammy was for many years an R.P.R.A. Councillor travelling to England to represent the Irish Region.

Sammy was also a former president and chairman of the Irish National Flying Club and was a life vice president.

A true a faithful supporter of all pigeon organisations who travel many miles to attend meetings in the winter months for many years.

The sympathy of all pigeon fanciers are with his family at this sad time.

Fred Russell secretary N.I.P.A.

Training of Pigeons and Information on this web site.

At present training of racing pigeons is not permitted.

Pigeons can be released from the loft for exercise.

It has been report that racing pigeons are being released at the Moira motorway roundabout. Restrictions are in place at present and until DAERA issue a general licence training or racing cannot take place.

Also please note that the web site may not be available in the next few days, this is due to hosting issues which we are trying to resolve at this time. If the site is closed down we will reinstate it as soon as possible.

Fred Russell

N.I.P.A. secretary.

Information from the Raptor Alliance.

On the 5th February 2021 a meeting between the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Pigeon Racing- Craig Williams MP for Montgomeryshire, DEFRA minister and senior DEFRA officials took place. At this meeting the APPG Chair raised the issues we are experiencing with the rising bird of prey population and specifically the artificial breeding sites used to support Falcons in towns and cities. The DEFRA minister was sympathetic towards the issues experienced by pigeon fanciers and has agreed to facilitate further discussions with DEFRA officials, APPG , Natural England, RSPB and the Hawk and Owl trust. The aim of these discussions is to work towards a Government endorsed guidance for the siting of raptor nest boxes. This has been seen as a very positive step and we thank Craig Williams MP and Chris Guyver of Pepper Shackleton Wellard Ltd for their continued support.

Colin Clarke – Chair of the Raptor Alliance