Informative for all members Saturday 19th September 2020.

Hi everyoneI hope you are all keeping well and continue to do so.
I feel I must advise you all regarding a member of Ligoniel pigeon club who has a family member who has tested positive for Covid 19 on your behalf I have wished them a speedy recovery.
After discussions with  their committee member the N.I.P.A. had no other options open to them but to close the Ligoniel Centre for this weeks 5 Bird race and possibly next weeks Skibbereen National .
I authorised him to try and procure an alternative Centre that would accommodate them. Three centres were contacted, one he received no answer from, one declined on the fear of safety to their own members and this is a justified reason, the other accepted.
Dromore Centre agreed to race mark Ligoniel centre pigeons and this I agreed to.
At no time did Ligoniel state a preference or request Dromore H.P.S. Dromore was the third centre contacted.
Dromore Centre which is quite small did a marvelous job at race marking  around 800 pigeons while doing their best to stay within the law. I personally had no pigeons away and was able to be present through out the procedure. I would like to sincerely thank ALL who assisted at the centre from race marking commenced until the transporter was loaded approx. 4 hours. I would also like to thank the members of all club`s using the centre, who wore face coverings, social distanced , and left the centre s soon as their birds were race marked. Some of them had to wait for at least three hours in the cold.Then to be told of postings on Social Media asking who authorised this, I make no apologies for authorising this action. and the way things are developing more centres could find themselves having problems next week.The Key Board warriors should have known to send an email or a telephone call to the N.I.P.A. office asking for this information, doing that would not make headlines
Regarding the transporting of your birds to Fermoy. TWO ARTIC`S were used. The pigeons collected at Carrickfergus , Doagh, and Section F were transferred to an ARTIC waiting in Dromore Hub along with the Dromore Centre. This transporter now contained pigeons from Sect H, Sect A. ALL OF SECT B  ALL OF SECT C , PART OF SECTION D AND ALL OF SECTION F THE OTHER ARTIC CONTAINED PIGEONS FROM PART OF SECTION A  PART OF SECTION D ALL OF SECTION E AND ALL OF SECTION G I CAN NOT SEE ANY PROBLEM WITH THIS ARRANGEMENT .
The Member of Ligoniel whose family member has tested positive and himself showing all the signs of Covid was in this office one week ago today Saturday, many of your Centre officials were hear last Saturday and many more of you had called through the week, you have returned to your families, your club`s, should most of the N.I.P.A. be now self isolating? If so next weeks race would be virtually impossible to organise. Next week`s race is scheduled for a Thursday collection and not Friday.
Also I have been informed of a posting from a Mr Murphy on social media regarding the N.I.P.A. and Sponsorship we are tracing this person. I will be asking you as members of the N.I.P.A. committee to enforce N.I.P.A. rule 35 which states if found guilty the person could be suspended form our organisation

Fred Russell N.I.P.A. Secretary.

Note to all clubs / trophy winners

Next week is your final payment for birdage as all birds must be race marked through your centres clubs will probably be paying the centres for the ordinary Fermoy, ALL CLUBS however MUST send in numbers of members and birds sent so that the ordinary Fermoy race entries can be totalled for the final result. Also would anyone still holding a trophy won last year please return it now to the office in a clean condition .

This weekend

The Irish racepoint this weekend weather permitting will be Tullamore and NOT Fermoy

Collection times for Talbenny and for Tullamore and next weeks Fermoy and 5 bird and the following weeks Y B Nat from Skibbereen weather permitting will be as follows;

Derry 4 pm Coleraine 6pm Ballymoney 6.45 pm Ahoghill 7.15 pm Harryville 7.45 pm Muckamore 8.15 pm

Coalisland 6 pm , Loughgall 6.30 pm Portadown 7.15 pm Lurgan 7.45 pm Lisburn 8.30 pm Dromore 9 pm Bambridge 9.30 pm Newry 11 pm.

Carrick 7 pm .Doagh 7.30 pm Ligoniel 8 pm

Killyleagh 7.30 pm