R.P.R.A. Delay start of 2020 season.

Since the Governments latest announcement and guidance released yesterday afternoon there have been conversations ongoing in relation to a proposed delay to the start of Racing. You will be aware that the Governments guidance included avoiding pubs, clubs and other community gatherings. Race marking etc are classed as a community gathering. I can now confirm that the decision has been taken to suspend all racing until 25th April 2020. While no one wants to see racing postponed I am sure everyone will realise and accept that this decision has been taken in the interest of all our members and the wider community. All liberations booked prior to the 25th April 2020 will be cancelled and the liberation sites informed of this decision. We hope that racing will commence on 25th April. However, this is very much dependent on developments, advice and guidance available at the time. In addition clubs and organisations should consider cancelling meetings, sales and any other gathering. Where possible all racing organisations will be informed of the above steps via email and also given further information in relation to the requirements to submit updated amended race programmes. Ian Evans CEO



2020 Racing Season Update.

Thursday 12th March 2020.

The N.I.P.A. 2020 racing season is due to commence on Saturday 11th April from Mullingar.

At present no decision has been taken if racing will commence on this date.


No directives have been issued by D.A.E.R.A. (NI) at present on pigeon racing.

Any directives that are issued will be acted upon.

The web site will be updated next week or before if any new information becomes available.

Fred Russell Secretary.

New E.T.S. rule.

The N.I.P.A. have added a new rule with immediate effect.

New ETS rule with immediate effect.

No member of the NIPA is permitted to use two loft clocks, base clocks or champs at the same time during racing, regardless of make or type. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification and possible suspension. All other RPRA rules regarding the use of two manual timing clocks still apply.

Time Signal for ETS

We have received information from Unikon in relation to the time signal being down for maintenance from 7th May to 23rd May 2019.

 I would like to take this opportunity to remind clubs officials of the correct manual setting process.

 UNIKON INSTRUCTION FOR MANUAL SETTING Manual Time Set When setting Unikon Clocks manually you should follow the following procedure.

 1) Insert the power in to the ring marker A red light will appear and the amber light will start to flash, be patient and wait for the red, and green to start flashing, it may take a minute

. 2) Present the security token and then connect the Unikon base and printer as normal.

 3) If there is no radio clock signal you will see the following message ‘NO RADIO CLOCK TIME’ Switch off club system and try again’ C: Set clock manually Press C You will now have screen displaying the following

 1 Set Clock Manually

2 Use Current Time Underneath will be the day and time Tu 02/07/13 10-23-12 Telephone TIM 123 and check that the date and time is correct. If the running time is correct simply press number 2 on the key pad and this will select ‘Use Current time’ Should the running time be out press number 1 on the keypad to select Set clock manually’ You will now see a screen with the date flashing. To set the time use the numeric keys on the key pad to set it to the correct time When you have set the time correct press the green/OK button The next screen will give you the option to Set by pressing OK or Exit by pressing C If the time is okay press the Green/OK button All this sounds a lot but in reality will only take a couple of minutes. For details of MSF signal outages please visit the NPL website http://www.npl.co.uk/science-technology/time-frequency/products-andservices/time/msf-outages 

Ian Evans Chief Executive

Amended 2019 old bird programme.


11th  May Fermoy.

18th May Castletown.

25th May Barley Cove Inland National

25th  May Fermoy.

1st June Talbenny one.

8th June Talbenny two.

8th June Fermoy & 5 bird Championship.

15th June Bude.

15th  June Castletown Yearling Cock & Hen National..

22nd  June Penzance & Penzance classic.

22nd  June Fermoy.

28th June St. Malo / or alternative point to be confirmed.

Information on race marking.

At a meeting of the management committee held on 2nd April it was decided that due to the number of cases of sickness being reported at present, members will be permitted to have their own crates for the first four old bird races.

Fred Russell


Important information on NWHU rings,

N.I.P.A. members who have pigeons rung with North West Homing Union rings please see below a requirement that has been issued by the R.P.R.A.

With effect from 22nd February 2019 all rings issued by the North West Homing Union (NWHU) that are raced or shown under RPRA rules have to be registered with the RPRA by 1st April (or 1st July for 2019 rings). This follows the decision taken by the RPRA council that all rings issued by unions that are not members of the British Confederation should be registered. The cost of registration is 30p per ring. A registration document should be completed and returned to Royal Pigeon Racing Association, Reddings House, The Reddings, Cheltenham GL51 6RN before 1st April (or 1st July for 2019 rings). Confirmation will be issued by the RPRA to the owner as evidence of registration. The registration form can be downloaded from the RPRA website and will also be published in this weeks BHW The background to this decision is as follows: the sport in general is coming under ever-increasing pressure from animal rights groups and those interested in Animal Welfare. The RPRA receives weekly emails from groups and individuals who would like to see an end to pigeon racing. In 2018 a well known animal rights group approached the cross channel ferry companies requesting they stop transporting racing pigeons to France. Therefore, I am sure you agree that we should do everything possible to ensure that pigeons raced under RPRA rules continue to benefit from the best possible animal welfare conditions – this includes the repatriation of strays. The vast majority of unions in the UK deal with the stray issue in an acceptable manner. The RPRA has a designated team during office hours and an online ‘stray wizard’ for use at other times. Unfortunately, due to a high number of complaints received at the RPRA HQ in 2018 there are concerns in relation to the ability of the NWHU to repatriate strays in a way that I am sure 99% of fanciers would consider appropriate. To ensure that pigeons raced under RPRA rules continue to benefit from the high standards of animal welfare the RPRA council has reluctantly taken the decision to impose the requirement to register all NWHU rings raced under RPRA rules prior to the 2019 season. Ian Evans Chief Executive