Importation of racing pigeons into Northern Ireland.

I hope you are all keeping safe and well.
I must bring the following to your attention  regarding the importation of racing pigeons into Northern Ireland
There is strong evidence that pigeons are being imported into Northern Ireland  without the proper paper work. This must stop immediately, if you are found out by the Department  and reported to us we will have no choice but to deal with you . I have no doubt the Department is aware of this and will be making more thorough checks.
If you have the proper paper work and completed correctly and I mean correctly to the letter then of course you can import these pigeons  if not you are putting Our sport at risk, and I mean permission to race from Southern Ireland would be suspended and I am not scare mongering this could happen.
We have enough problems to sort out at the moment we do not need to add to them
I am appealing to you all to follow the legislation and do not try to import these pigeons without the proper paper work.

See previous post for information on importing racing pigeons.
F C Russell   Secretary N.I.P.A.