R.P.R.A. Results software.

Royal Pigeon Racing Association – Virtual Pigeon Race using the RPRA Results software

New update version  Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dBxRdPLWurwX6VgEPc7or4HlTMTiV5lj

Dear Secretary,

Whilst we are on lockdown waiting patiently for our season to start, we have designed a virtual pigeon race using the new RPRA software. It’s FREE entry for all clubs using the FREE RPRA software.  It’s just a bit of fun and an opportunity to get to grips with the software. Ian has organised prizes for the each participating organisation and one for the overall winner of the first RPRA virtual race. These prizes will be posted to the winning members.

The Virtual Race

What we like you to do is produce a made-up race for your club and post it to the RPRA results website. This will consist of using the manual option and creating a result with 1 bird timed for each member of your club. Once the result is produced post it to the result website. Make-up times, ring numbers perhaps use W rings as they don’t exist!  colour sex etc. We will only be using the members name/RPRA number to identify the winners. A fully worked example can be observed from the Derwent Valley Federation DVF- Open http://www.wm28vps.co.uk/RaceResult

Ian Evans will be selecting a random velocity for each week’s race. Ian will email the random velocity once the race is closed. The winning member in your club will be the fancier with the closest velocity to Ian’s random ‘lottery’ velocity. A full list of winners will be published.

Hope this creates some interest and enables you to develop your competence with the new RPRA results program. Members can check if they have won by visiting the website http://rpraresults.org or http://www.wm28vps.co.uk/RaceResults We will send an email of all the club winners for you to check. The prizes will be posted direct to the winning fanciers.

Entering the Virtual Race

  • Name the race RPRA Virtual Race 1 (Race date doesn’t matter but select 18th April)
  • Produce a result for your club and upload it to the cloud. You must do this by Saturday 18th April 2020 8pm
  • If you wish to generate new data or use the same data to process a second virtual race let us know as we can put on RPRA Virtual Race 2 by Saturday 25th April 2020 RPRA Virtual Race 3? Some clubs may have missed the first races and new organisations may wish to come onboard with the software.

Install new update: version https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zdYbTgrmc9wjoxMphvw4DLKGBASivNa2

The update has a few new features which will enable you to manage the RPRA more efficiently and reduce your workload as a secretary.

  1. Membership. The update enables you to manage your membership adding new members using their RPRA numbers. If you delete a member the person will be removed from your club. This facility will keep your club automatically up to date with the RPRA database. You will not have to send the membership registration form in each year. Just keep your membership database up to date.
  • Distances 24/7. In members setup, select off the distances you require. You will notice that the download speed has increased with this update. All members distances have been uploaded. Should you find a member’s distances missing when you download it is probably due to them not having a latitude and longitude registered with RPRA. Please contact Derren distances@rpra.org to resolve any distances issues.
  • Race Points – Race Programme. You can generate your full race programme and upload it to the RPRA database. Changes during the season can be managed in the software.

Please Note: We can zap all virtual races once the season starts.

Stay safe, Kind regards,

Peter Humphries